Our Story

We are game changers. Value creators. Innovators. Leaders.

We obsessively look for new and better ways to ensure the short- and long-term affordability and availability of the portfolio we manage. We do it for the millions of people who rely on generic drugs, many of whom are family, friends and neighbors.

We are Red Oak, one of the largest generic drug sourcers in the U.S.

We choose to make a difference every day. And we do.

Red Oak At-A-Glance

Nearly 3.9B of the 4.4B prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. are for generics.

Americans rely on CVS and Cardinal Health to fill a third of these prescriptions.

CVS Health and Cardinal Health rely on Red Oak for their generic drug needs.

Red Oak relies on an elite team to make sure low-cost generics are available when needed.